My latest design case study invites you to explore content moderation. We'll review the web application design process for TravelQuest, a backend tool for employees. This innovative approach helps broaden the ability to evaluate, manage, and curate user-submitted experiences.

Table of contents:

About Project

Research findings

Review Process


High-fi Design

About Project

TravelQuest is a pioneering online travel platform known for redefining travel bookings. With a history of providing comprehensive services such as flight and hotel reservations.

TravelQuest is now venturing into a new realm – 'TravelQuest Experiences.' This exciting initiative aims to connect travelers with unique activities, attractions, and experiences at various destinations. To facilitate this, TravelQuest seeks to develop a backend tool empowering its employees to efficiently evaluate, manage, and curate user-submitted experiences, fostering a deeper connection between travelers and their chosen destinations.

My role: Product designer, Designing the Travel quest experience from scratch.

In this case study, we will focus on the application, the user-flow of how an employee evaluates, manages & curates the user-submitted experiences.

Research findings

Reports, articles, and other applications have built a solid foundation for understanding content moderation and the moderation process.